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Turkey stories

November 28, 2003

I have some good news and I have some bad news; which one would you like to hear first. Bad? Well, there is no more left of the impeccable pumpkin pie. I finished that last piece, that was rather large, this morning. HAH!

The good news is that the Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday was a success with plentiful of friends, even more food but most of all, a cozy atmosphere.

Carla cooked up a storm, once again, and Claire helped out with the above mentioned pie. Malte and Kristina brought bagfuls of red wine and Pedro contributed with the crucial ice cream.

Frida stood out, as always, with her eloquent knowledge of the history of Thanksgiving, brownie points your way girl!

We would not have made it without Ginger, who dutifully went through one unfinished plate after the other. Just like me, she was eating like there was no tomorrow.

Surprise guests were Malte's parents who had made it all the way from Sweden; ain't that something.

In other news, there is some turkey and mash left for whoever makes it home first. GO!

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  1. Troy Says:

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    Sounds like it went off a bit better than last year's meal. Waiting forever for spam at 25 a plate sure wasn't worth the wait at all. At least we were all in good company and Malte's goofie cousin kept it interesting.

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