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Matrix: Revolutions

November 06, 2003

Well this was a bit pants. The kick ass action did not manage to salvage a questionable script.

It feels as if there never was a script or even a story for all three parts of Matrix. It feels as if there was a fantastic idea and great script for the first part. When it turned out to be a success, a rather rushed script was put together for the two sequels.

One noticeable thing in the Revolutions is that most of the movie is set out side of Matrix, i.e. in the real world. This is in contrast to the first Matrix were most of the action was inside the Matrix.

Still, the conclusion of the Matrix trilogy just has to be seen. Everyone has to make up their own mind because 4 years ago the Watchowski brothers started something revolutionary with the original Matrix.

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  1. Pedro Says:

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    Story? There is no story, because there is no begining, nor end.

    Your perceptions of "inside" and "outside" the Matrix are just... words. You are where you BELIEVE you are...


    SH*T? SH*T is just a word... You have to believe...

  2. Lisa Says:

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    Huh... I liked it... I thought that it was a pretty fitting end to the whole thing. Better than Reloaded anyway.

  3. Snorribus Says:

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    I liked the movie, but i did expect more from it. It feelt like the revoultion was one big gigantic romantic sunset!!!

  4. Zulu Says:

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    You people need to watch all three of the Matrix movies again. Hell the movie has a philosophical plot and it makes hell of sense. With the freedom of choice, cause and effect, these things connected with each other in the movie. Try to misunderstand the plot, if you still don't understand get a damn tutor!!!

  5. Donald Says:

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    Matrix revolutions could have done with more scenes in the matrix... there was tooooo much stuff set in the "real" world!!!

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