Yes we have no coffee rant

It was 9:15 am and I was late for work. Still I decided I had time for a quick coffee and maybe a bite. Costa Coffee is always fresh and there is one on the way to work.
Today the place was empty which should have been a warning. After deciding for a grande vanilla double latte I was grandly disappointed by the announcement that the coffee machine(s) were broken.
Common, you are a coffee shop. If I did not come for a fluffy, creamy and slightly nutty latte then what? To drink some water or eat a banana or… wait for it, have some rancid instant coffee? Put a big red sign up saying “no coffee in this coffee shop today” or just shut your doors.
There, much better.

Why do dogs sniff each others hind quarters?

I bet you have been asking your self this very question a few times. Carla’s late grandfather once told the reason and it has stuck with me ever since.
You see, a long, long time ago there was a dog party being held and it was one grand party. If you were any kind of quality dog you had to be there. The party was so popular, in fact all the world’s dogs were there.
The dogs hung their tails in the cloak room as soon as their entered the party because this was a party with style. They received numbered tickets to properly identify their tails.
The party was lavish and there was a lot of dancing and sausage eating. One big fat female dog was barking with a smooth voice.
Suddenly panic broke out because a fire had started in the basement of the mansion. All the dogs were frantically running around and rushing for the exit. There was no time for searching for the right tail; each dog grabbed first tail available and hurried on out.
And this is why to this very day dogs still are looking for their own tail. Every time they meet a new dog they first check whether this tail could be their old misplaced one.

Quality Sunday

For me Sundays are usually just resting days. Some time off to recover from the wounds from previous working week and to prepare for the next.
This Sunday was however busier that normal. Funny how days with no plans can turn into very pleasant ones filled with good action whereas other, well planned days, can turn out to be disappointing…

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Meet Herbivore – an anonymous P2P networking protocol

herbivore.gif The recent aggressive behaviour of RIAA to track down single users of certain P2P networks shows the need for an anonymous way of sharing documents.
At the moment it is the musical industry desperately trying to keep up surreal profits. What if instead it was a corrupt government hunting down political opposition?

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Belkin F8T003 Bluetooth USB adapter

After recently moving to a Sony VAIO without IrD I needed a Bluetooth adapter to be able to continue synchronising my mobile phone and being able to access the Internet on the move.
An USB adapter is an elegant solution due to its small form factor. It will let you communicate with your Bluetooth device securely and without any wires.

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I Think I Might Be Psychic

Did not sleep properly the whole night because I forgot my mobile [‘mO-“bEl] that I use as alarm in the hallway.
Early in the morning I finally decided to fetch it just to have it ringing on the way back! I suspect I was mentally connected to it the whole night and it called on me one minute before 7 am. Or maybe I have just been slowly molded into a working machine 🙁
In other news, I might have to start going to the gym again; just paying each month is not helping out at all.

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Evil Baby

I friend (Pedro) pointed me in the direction of a photography manipulating tool called FaceFilter. It lets you change the facial expressions of a subject fairly easily by using a set of default templates.

While you would be able to do most of the tricks in your favorite photo editing software, FaceFilter will let you do the manipulations much quicker.

You can also discover some things about facial expressions that you might have realised before.

I tried the 7-day trial and had loads of fun with the “evil baby” below, see for your self.

Original baby

Angry baby

Chubby baby

Making a face

Making another face

Mean baby

Not my baby

Sleepy baby

Young (?) baby