Apple eye candy for Windows: Konfabulator

Last year I noticed a Mac OS application that looked very sleek and I wished it would run on Windows. This month my wish came through.
Konfabulator is an engine that runs in the background and updates various widgets placed on your desktop. These widgets display information about your computer or information fetched from the Internet.
The installation comes with 15 default widgets to update you about the weather, time, WiFi strength, CPU usage, photo frame and more. On the Konfabulator gallery page you will see that people from around the world have contributed with hundreds if not thousands of widgets to perform all kinds of tasks.
One common characteristic of the widgets is their design. It is pure eye candy combined with high functionality. Fancy transparencies, docking to the side of your desktop, eye popping icons and much more previously only seen on Mac OS.
My current favourite widget is the standard digital clock in float mode and very high transparency. What is your favourite widget?

Bittorrent – The new P2P in town

The idea is brilliant; tap in to your users upload capacity to distribute your product across the Internet more efficiently.
If you have a killer product that your customers are downloading, the distribution (bandwidth) costs will increase proportionally with the amount of customers. This may be ok if the product is commercial and you can transfer the distribution costs to the cost of the product.
If on the other hand it is a free-ware product, lets say an open source application, you may find it hard to finance the popularity of the project.

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