Applying for an Indian visa in London

Being the owner of a Swedish passport, I have been quite spoiled with never having to issue any visas during all my travels around the world. Until today because all foreigners require a visa to visit India.
The place to get an Indian visa in London is India House, Aldwych, London WC2B 4NA. The operating hours are 08:30 to 12:30 but you’re best to be there by 07:30…latest! The queue builds up very fast after that and you would spend the rest of the morning there if not being turned away due to too many applicants.
First you have to queue outside, in the freezing morning, to get a queuing coupon. The small window where they hand out the queuing coupons opens only at 08:30.
After that you are at least let inside and can purchase a warm drink. Inside you wait until your number comes up to hand over all the paperwork.
Make sure you have a pre-filled visa application form, your passport, two passport photos and cash enough for the fee (usually £ 30). If you require a business visa to India make sure to bring a letter both from your company and the Indian company, stating the purpose and duration of your stay. If you have been travelling recently in certain Yellow Fever endemic countries, bring proof of vaccination.
The last waiting exercise is to get back your passport. This process is less organised as the passports come back in batches of 30 and the numbers are shouted out.
All in all it wasn’t an as stressed experienced as it might have been, had I arrived only 30 minutes later. There were even some jokes going on about certain embassy staff that were reading the morning paper and drinking tea in the middle of the chaos…

Visit 4 out of world’s top 100 wonders

If you are attending both our engagement party in Prague, Czech Republic and the wedding in Brazil you will have the chance to visit at least 4 out of the world’s top 100 wonders.
Hillman Wonders is a list compiled by a “world traveller” who spent 30 years researching and ranking. The list has been published by major publications.
The Old Town in Prague is on place 56. I have walked around the Old Town many times but never it struck me as one of world’s top wonders. I guess that sometimes you take things in your vicinity for granted and don’t appreciate their true beauty.
The Iguaçu falls are on place 7. They stretch across 3 km and dwarf the Niagara falls.
The Amazon Rain Forest is world’s 9th wonder. If you can stand the wall of mosquitoes I highly recommend it due to the amazing wildlife.
The panoramic views of Rio de Janeiro are number 48. A helicopter ride greatly enhances the experience.
The carnival in Rio is number 87 but you would have to stay 2 months in Brazil since the carnival usually occurs at the end of February.

Not snowboarding in Prague

Prague Old Square
2 years have passed since I last visited Prague and a lot has changed.
Most noticeable was the damage caused by the 2002 flooding. While a lot has been restored the rest shows just how devastating the high water was to the lower parts of central Prague.
In some areas the water line had reached 2.5 meters; damaging walls, statues, bars, shops, flats and etc. that were below.
However, many of the places that have been restored were in dear need of restoration after years of neglect during the communist regime. The result is new colourful walls and sometimes uncovered art from early 20th century.
The level of tourism has risen.. again. Walking around on Charle’s Bridge, Old Square and St. Vit Cathedral you don’t hear ANY Czech around you. While all the money that the tourism brings in is great, it is a bit shame that the prices and environment scares away the local residents.
Have a look at the other photos from Prague.

Tanjung Rhu photos

Have added photos from our recent trip to Malaysia.
Tanjung Rhu, Lengkawi island, was like a paradise…
The staff was wonderful and always wearing a smile, greeting us at every opportunity.
If you are the active type, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in between your beach sessions. Choose between kayaking, katamaran sailing, tennis, golf, market visits, eagle feeding and loads more. Some complementary, some not.
Having 4 restaurants in your viscinity meant that every evening meal was a feast. I can definitely recommend the all-inclusive option because otherwise the costs do sum up during a long day.