Visit 4 out of world’s top 100 wonders

If you are attending both our engagement party in Prague, Czech Republic and the wedding in Brazil you will have the chance to visit at least 4 out of the world’s top 100 wonders.
Hillman Wonders is a list compiled by a “world traveller” who spent 30 years researching and ranking. The list has been published by major publications.
The Old Town in Prague is on place 56. I have walked around the Old Town many times but never it struck me as one of world’s top wonders. I guess that sometimes you take things in your vicinity for granted and don’t appreciate their true beauty.
The Iguaçu falls are on place 7. They stretch across 3 km and dwarf the Niagara falls.
The Amazon Rain Forest is world’s 9th wonder. If you can stand the wall of mosquitoes I highly recommend it due to the amazing wildlife.
The panoramic views of Rio de Janeiro are number 48. A helicopter ride greatly enhances the experience.
The carnival in Rio is number 87 but you would have to stay 2 months in Brazil since the carnival usually occurs at the end of February.