Matrix: Revolutions

Well this was a bit pants. The kick ass action did not manage to salvage a questionable script.
It feels as if there never was a script or even a story for all three parts of Matrix. It feels as if there was a fantastic idea and great script for the first part. When it turned out to be a success, a rather rushed script was put together for the two sequels.
One noticeable thing in the Revolutions is that most of the movie is set out side of Matrix, i.e. in the real world. This is in contrast to the first Matrix were most of the action was inside the Matrix.
Still, the conclusion of the Matrix trilogy just has to be seen. Everyone has to make up their own mind because 4 years ago the Watchowski brothers started something revolutionary with the original Matrix.

End of an era

I was in the middle of completing level 6 on The Getaway, you know the one where you are supposed to lure the Triads to the Yorkies.
Well, Ginger decided to make a dash for her toy but got tangled up in the controller cord and pulled down my PS2 from a shelf. It landed with a magnificent crash, Ginger jumped 1 feet up in the air and I was presented with psychedelic patterns on the TV.
Needless to say, the PS2 is not working; the DVD-Rom is not opening. I will probably stab at it this weekend with a screw driver but my hopes are low. Another one bites the dust I guess.
In other news I got my first comment spam on some old posts. It’s a bittersweet experience; I hate all forms of spam but I have been feeling left out until now.
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