Camel toe

What a bad start to the day. I saw a 70+ year old camel toe on my way to work.
Makes me wonder; is the camel toe wearing person not aware of the “fashion” feature or is it intentional? I would guess the former for an elderly person and the later for a younger female.
Personal note: what is the name for the male version of a camel toe?

Top dog / Underdog

A tale about the classical themes of greed and jelousy. This time in the shape of two brothers that are struggling to make it one day at a time.
The older brother (Lincoln) is working at an arcade, pretending to be Abraham Lincoln. His younger brother (Booth) is a hustler.
The acting and costumes were top notch. The street lingo was hard to understand at times. The perfomance is 2:15 long and performed at Royal Court, Sloane Square, London (UK).
Here is a more thorough review.
Update 04/09/03
I was surprised to see one of the actors, Mos Def, in the block buster movie Italian Job. Great performance!

T3: Rise of machines

Gee, what a disappointment. Arnold is old and not properly pumped, no Sarah Connor present and weak lead actors just to mention a few of the fallbacks. Still, the flick has some attractions for an old Terminator fan.
It is the most humorous Terminator of the three and all the lead actors manage to be funny.
Catch the movie because of the stunning effects but be warned about the weak plot.

Tanjung Rhu photos

Have added photos from our recent trip to Malaysia.
Tanjung Rhu, Lengkawi island, was like a paradise…
The staff was wonderful and always wearing a smile, greeting us at every opportunity.
If you are the active type, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in between your beach sessions. Choose between kayaking, katamaran sailing, tennis, golf, market visits, eagle feeding and loads more. Some complementary, some not.
Having 4 restaurants in your viscinity meant that every evening meal was a feast. I can definitely recommend the all-inclusive option because otherwise the costs do sum up during a long day.