Chilly in Lodon

pumpkin.gifI will probably not put it better than was done at theThe Hiding Place but it is getting chilly in London. It feels like yesterday when I was cycling to work in shorts and t-shirt (during weekend of course due to dress code). Now dressing in the morning is a longer ritual including multiple layers of garments, a scarf, a hat and some gloves. At least it’s sunny and crisp.
Holiday tickets to Sweden and Brasil are booked so that’s one less thing to worry about (obrigado chumbo). If you are in the vicinity of Copenhagen, Helsingborg or Sao Paulo in late December then let me know!
A Halloween party is being planned. I don’t quite remember why but the theme will be porn (yes I said porn). I will be downloading some “material” later this week to create the right atmosphere at the party.
… and I can’t stop whistling two tunes from Kill Bill, Vol 1. It’s the Twisted Nerve by Bernard Herrman and Woo Hoo by and it’s driving my colleges crazy :-D. “Watch the movie and sing-along with me”, I tell them.