Wedding bells

Interesting; just 4 hours left before I get married in a stunning church and yet I am not freaking out.
People have traveled from all around the world for the occasion. A friends wedding is an important event that should not be missed but I suspect that the fact that the wedding is in Brazil was a strong puller as well.
The priest speaks English very well which helps a lot so that the non-Portuguese speaking guests can enjoy the ceremony as well.
Traditionally people settle for one wedding ceremony only but we are not traditional. There will be a second, civil, wedding ceremony tomorrow that will supersede today’s religious ceremony in grandness and party factor.
People keep asking where we will go for our honey moon but there will not be one; at least not immediately after the wedding. Family and friends have come from near and far and it wouldn’t have been nice to go away.
Instead some beach houses have been arrange where we will kick back, catch up on gossip and drink Caipirinhas until early mornings.
There is always room for a luxurious holiday later next year.
Just 2 hours left…