Prime Minister Tony Blair responds to my signature

big brother societyEarlier this week I received a semi personal e-mail response from the UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. Here is an open response it.
Last week I signed an online petition to “Scrap the planned vehicle tracking and road pricing policy” in the UK.
The UK government has proposed a plan to replace road tax and petrol duty with road charging. In the scheme you would pay up to £1.30 per mile you drive.
The cost per mile would be variable so that heavily congested roads could be taxed more. “Black boxes” would be installed in vehicles to track their position and determine correct road cost.
The intention to monitor and track every movement of every vehicle in the UK is a very sinister thing to do.
Some argue that the intention is good but what matters is the reality. In reality there will be mistakes and blunders and there will be missuses from various government organizations.
Mr Blair keeps tellings to us what he thinks is the best way to do things. I believe that instead he should be representing us by acting on what the people he represents want.
Almost 2 million citizens have voiced their opinion and they don’t want this scheme in place. If you disregard children and the elderly, 2 million is a noticeable proportion of the voting population.
So please Mr Blair, listen to the people that voted you in and scrap the planned vehicle tracking and road pricing policy!
Photo credit: Ynr