I sweat a lot…

… when in a sauna.
Yesterday I was just getting comfortable in the 87C, catching up on the tabloids when an older gentleman entered the sauna.
He asked me whether I would mind if he put some “Chinese drop” on the stones.
I didn’t quite understand what he had just said, just that he wanted put something on the hot stones. Being an ignorant macho, I thought that if he can manage it I sure can as well.
He proceeded emptying half the bottle of that stuff in a water filled spatula and whacked it on the heater.
1.5 seconds later, a very strong, pepperminty and sweet fist of steam spread around the sauna and punched me right in the kisser.
4.5 seconds later the older gentleman swore something about using too much of the drops and rushed out from the sauna.
I have to give credit to the drops, my airways have never been clear like they were in that peppermint hell. My eyes were watering, but not in an uncomfortable, mint-candy-in-your-eyes way. Instead, they were just moist and cool.
The cool feeling spread to the rest of my upper upper-body and for a short while I was actually shivering in the 87C.
I gotta get me some of those drops!