This week in brief

If you are a web designer and using embedded objects (Applets, ActiveX, Flash and etc) in your web pages, you will have to have a second look at your pages. Microsoft has responded to the judge decision by making changes to IE. There is a patch to be downloaded that will break your IE or you can wait until January next year when new systems are expected to ship with the “patched” IE. This is what the visitors to your page will see:

There are however workarounds so visit MSDN to learn about them.
SunnComm recently released a new CD copy protection method. It was quickly bypassed by a Princeton University graduate student. He exposed it as utterly lame in a recent paper. When I first saw this I was worried that SunnComm might try suing the student under the DMCA legislation. Not long after, the law suit was a fact. Is it just me or does it seem as if SunnComm is desperately trying to cover up their incompetence?
The source code for Half-life 2, this years mostly anticipated computer game, was stolen from Valve earlier this week. A hacker had planted keystroke recording software on several of the companie’s computers and was able to access the source code repository.
The company claimed only non-vital parts of the game were stolen but the hackers have now released a workable version of Half-Life 2. This indicates that maps and images must have been stolen along with the source code.
So now you know 😉