Barenaked ladies at the Shepherds Bush Empire

If I had $1000000, If I had $1000000… I’d be rich

This not so known but fairly old skool Canadian band was playing at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire last Thursday. The venue is fairly small and it was easy to walk all the way up to the stage.
The band was promoting their holiday album and much of the performance revolved around Christmas spirit. Alternative versions of Jingle Bells and Feliz Navidad (Próspero Año y Felicidad) were played. As usual the real crowd pleasers were classics like Pinch me and If I had a million dollars.
At one point the band members decided to swap places with each other and the main singer ended up playing drums, the bas player ended up playing keyboard, the keyboard player took over the at the bas and the drummer positioned himself at the microphone. Another act that showed how musical and talented the Barenaked ladies are.
Besides being great at playing music, the Barenaked ladies knew how to entertain. Small anecdotes, jokes and all things are better in three were fused into several of their classic songs. Often resulting in LOLs from the audience.