404 errors from admin-ajax.php in WordPress

I am developing a dynamic website and when I stress some of the dynamic functionality I am getting occasional 404 errors from admin-ajax.php.

I am currently developing a minor dynamic website. Towards the end of the development I was stress-testing some of the dynamic functionality.

Unfortunately I am getting occasional 404 errors from admin-ajax.php.

The request seems to be sent and processed because on refresh of the page I can see the updates. However it is a bad user experience because the user’s page just stalls.

After a little troubleshooting, mainly with crude debug statements from admin-ajax.php into HTTP headers, I have noticed that admin-ajax.php is not even entered.

At the moment I am not sure whether the error is related to one of the WordPress plugins I am using or whether it is due to my webhost.

There are no visible errors in weblogs nor in error_log.

One thing I noticed that a new incognito browser window resolved the issue.

This made me suspicious of cookie issues. I manage to narrow it down to the PHPSESSID cookie. Clearing it resolved the issue. The 404 error from admin-ajax.php is gone… for a while at least.

I recommend using the excellent Eat This Cookie extension If you are using Chrome or Brave browser.

The search continues…

Put Champagne on ice

The good news finally came yesterday. A 2 year long fight with a major UK developer over a new St George development site in an existing woodland was over.
The results from the public enquiry had come back: the local residents, represented by SRRA, had won.
The process culminated in a public enquiry where the arguments from both sides were presented and a decision was made by the inspector:

In my judgement the overall planning balance is heavily weighted against the scheme. The manner in which the present proposals respond to the attributes and address the constraints of the site has sacrificed many environmental quality objectives for the sake of maximising the amount of accommodation. I conclude that the appeals should be dismissed and that planning permission should be refused

Have a look at the SRRA summary or download the inspectors full report.
I have learned that the democratic system is a double-edged sword. While it gave us residents an opportunity to affect the local council in their decision, it also gave the developers right to appeal a chain of decisions against their “monstrous” plans. (However their practice of submitting dual identical applications in order not to give the council a chance to reply in assigned time and thus escalating the matter was less than honest.)
The victory would not have been possible without the organisation skills and eloquence of local resident Phillipe Auclair. As another resident put it, “A whole lot of people were doing their bit but without Phillipe’s help we would not have known what our bits were”. Phillipe’s eloquence was both a motivator to all of us and a stinging to the developer’s arguments.
“Is this the end?” one of the local residents asked. “It’s more like the beginning of a long struggle to keep the woodland unharmed” was the consensus of the groups leading group.

Netbeans 3.6

I have been using NetBeans 3.6 for a couple of days now and can say it’s a very good improvement on the previous version 3.5.1.
(NetBeans is a free, open source development tool. Mainly for Java development but also suitable for C/C++)
The intention was to wait until end of summer 2004 and release version 4.0 but because of the fierce competition (Eclipse, IntelliJ, JBuilder and etc) an intermediate version was released with promises of what is to come.
The most prominent change is that the window system has been completely redone. Away with the clunky and very Java-ish interface. In with a leaner, more native looking and intuitive one.
While I suspect that this enhancement required a lot of work input, the user will not notice too much difference (this is good).
Other useful features include code folding, smart brackets, help with overriding methods, Servlet 2.4 and JSP 2.0 code completion and much more.
In previous versions it was needed to download several modules after an install but they all seem to be included in 3.6: database explorer, XML/XSL support, tasklists and more.
NetBeans 3.6 support J2SDK 1.4.1 and above but prefers 1.4.2 so make sure to update it from Sun web site.

Netbeans IDE, pros and cons

NetBeans IDE has been my prefered IDE for the last 1.5 years. The reasons are several. OpenSource software, continuously extended and last but not least, it is free. While it doesn’t have as many features as some £3,000+ IDEs, it has enough to keep you busy.
The features that I find most useful and use every day because they speed up the development.
There is the DB explorer that lets me browse a data base to see the tables, data types, values and lets me execute any queries (including updates).

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