Man on Fire (2004)

“Forgiveness is between them and God. It’s my job to arrange the meeting”

A very powerful movie on the theme of revenge.
Creasey is a washed out ex-marine that has lost his will to live and has given up hope that God will ever forgive him for his killings.
He reluctantly accepts a job as a body guard to the little girl Pita in Mexico City. A body guard is needed due to the frequent kidnappings and to satisfy an insurance policy requirement.
Pita is an irresistibly friendly little girl and Creasy finds him self becoming very attached to her. In a way Pita shows him that there is reason for caring and living.
When Pita is later kidnapped, Creasy swears to find her and kill “…anyone who was involved, anyone who profited from it, anyone who opens their eyes at him”.
Cue one-man-army suicide mission where Creasy works his way up from low level gangsters towards the man responsible for the organised kidnappings in Mexico City.
Dakota Fanning (Pita) puts on a very convincing performance which is impressive especially due to her young age. Washington is very good at convincing the audience of his cold blooded nature and ruthlessness.
Rating: 4/5
“Creasey’s art is death… he’s about to paint his masterpiece”