The big three oh

cakeThere was a small party in our garden to celebrate the occasion. I had sent out the invites only 2 days ahead so naturally several friends had to decline as they already had made plans.
I was sending them a few “What is more important than cake and champagne” SMS messages but they would not budge. No sweat, the more cake and champagne there was for the rest of us.
It wasn’t as bad as I had expect it to be, to turn 30. I did wake up with a head ache and for a brief moment I was terrified that maybe after you turn 30, you would have a constant head ache. Nobody had told me that. The head ache disappeared next day however so all was good again.
I was overwhelmed by the preparations my wife had put into it all. She even sent me away to a favourite restaurant of ours to “pick up some things”. There was nothing to be picked up. Instead a 90 minute massage appointment was waiting for me across the street, at Bliss.
There were also presents involved in the celebrating. A few friends combined their efforts and surprised me mightily with a Nikkor 20mm 2.8D lens. An object of desire that I would not have indulged my self in otherwise.
Fine wine, cigar accessories and sporting gear were other high-lights. I felt spoiled rotten!

About David Kaspar

Born in Prague, raised in Sweden and living in London; I consider my self to be a citizen of the world.

My education consists of a degree in Medical Physics but I settled for a carrer in IT. Mainly for Java that I have been working with for the last 4 years developing useful online services.

When not geeking out in front of the computer, I like to travel to distant countries, snap some photos and sample the local beverages.

Age: 29 Summers
Height: 181 cm
Eye color: Blue
Favorite ice cream: B&J Phish Food
Alignment: Neutral Good

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