His name is Earl

…and he has made us laugh for the last 7 days. We managed to watch almost 20 episodes during that time.
Earl is “that kind of guy who does nothing but bad things and then wonders why his life sucks”.
In a weak moment he realises that he has to change and sets on to a path of Karma: “Do good things and good things will come to you”.
We get to follow Earl, his bearlike brother Randy, his ex-wife Joy and the always chilled out Crabman.
Earl is played by the incredibly charming and down to earth Jason Lee and I dare to say that he transforms this small town, trailer-park comedy into a pure gem.

Catch the show on Sky. The show is in HD over in the US but on SkyHD there is only SD.

Hyde Park Calling with Roger Waters and Texas

hyde park callingI thought I would be telling you about how I was enjoying the Dark Side of the Moon being performed by Roger Waters but instead I will be telling you about how I didn’t. The story is just as good I believe.
My wife had purchased 4 tickets for Hyde Park Calling, 1st of July, long long time ago. We were under the impression that a) 2 friends would be joining us and b) we would find a baby sitter. Well a) the 2 friends freaked off on a belated honey moon and b) no baby sitter was to be found.
In addition Ticketmaster had failed to deliver the tickets (despite a £5 charge per ticket) so I had to head my butt over to the box office to pick them up.
Scalpers were buying up tickets for £5-10 and selling them for &pound40 so it was a pretty cut throat environment trying to sell the tickets off.
Due to having so much more class than any scalper, I managed to unload one ticket for £40 and one at £20.
The third ticket was almost sold but the girl was hesitant because she thought I was selling fake tickets.
After persuading her about the authenticity of my wares, she jokingly mentioned that if I only had a friend that would join her because going to rock concerts was no fun alone.
I was about to say sorry but when I realised that a friend was on the rebound and that this could possibly turn out to be a great story to tell the grand children.
A phone call and 10 minutes later the friend was on his way super excited about Dark Side of the Moon and fairly excited about the blind date.
Sometimes life is all about those spontaneous moments that make it diverge from the seemingly fixed path of faith.
I am very much looking forward to hearing about the outcome; no details spared!