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PSP firmware 2.0 is out

July 27, 2005
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psp_browseri.jpgFirmware 2.0 is out for the PSP and it has a wide range of new functionality.

To update: download the file from the Japanese site (translated press release). Transfer the file to your PSP and place the file in F:\PSP\GAME\UPDATE\EBOOT.PBP. Restart your PSP. It will detect the new firmware and proceed to update. Your media files (mp3s, photos, videos) will remain intact during the update process.

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  1. PM Says:

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    I see you found a wholesome website to get your photo!!! Well done that man

    David says:

    A much better "read" than sun.com :-)

  2. Alex Says:

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    I just got the psp update 2 and i would like to know what i need to do in order to acess the internet with my psp. than you

    David says:

    You need a wireless router or access point (AP) at home.

    Flick the wireless switch to on.

    Configure your PSP to connect to said router/AP. Choose easy setup which means DHCP (PSP will get an IP automatically).

    If you are using WEP/WPA, configure the PSP in the same way. Make sure to add PSP's MAC to allowed devices on your router/AP.

    PSP is WiFi B standard only so make sure your router is in Mixed mode.

    Any more questions see the PSP forum!