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Sony DVP-NS730

August 18, 2003

Our old trustworthy samsung dvd-709 gave up after recent refurbishment. I suspect the large amount of dust to be the reason :-)

I set out to search for a replacement with the following criterieas:

For 160 (high-street price) this Sony is a bargain and delivers great quality video and sound.

Multi region: Will alow you to play discs from all over the world. Good if you want to buy DVDs from USA or Asia.

Progressive video: In short this will result in double (vertical) resolution and less flicker in the image. You have to have a display that supports it (plasma screen, LCD, 100Hz tv).

Component video out: Requirement for progressive scan. Will output the video in 3 seperate cables. Good if you are connecting to projector or plasma.

MP3 support: Can play home made CD with MP3 music. Good party factor.

JPG support: View home made cd/dvd with photos.

Dual scart: the unit can be used to loop through other video devices (eg VCR)

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